Fate is cruel

Former ruler of Neo Arcadia. But that does not make me any less weak or dangerous. I did what I had to do, and that was that.

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To Change the Course (Pre MMZ)


X continued to watch his copy, his patience starting to thin some.

Had he not put the pieces together? He was a cyber elf now, there were things he no longer could do. Lacking a body made that difficult.

X shook his head firmly. Although small, he still was certain that the reploid could detect the gesture.

"Having myself appear while ‘I’ am currently on the throne in Neo Arcadia would only cause more problems than not. It would lead to questions, questions you don’t want asked.” He replied firmly. 

"Furthermore, for the most part I have been… Occupied with another matter." Copy could not know about the seal, not yet.

Once his copy’s hand passed harmlessly through him, X mentally sighed. This was worse than dealing with that angry toddler back when he’d been a hunter.

"I can’t tell you how it happened for me, but for a regular reploid? That’s a slightly different story. The body and soul part ways, and a new cyber elf might be born from that. But… Most reploid souls don’t stay on Earth long, only in extreme situations do they tend to return. Such as if they have unfinished business…" He knew that if his copy was sharp, he might catch onto that, but, somehow, he had a feeling that he was too angered to really consider everything.

Yet another failing of his replica… Perhaps, he was a waste of his effort, and only could be pitied…

"No living being, human or otherwise, is worthless.” X replied sharply, showing a hint of what had made him the hunter he once was.

Yet, upon his copy’s orders, X’s form flared with genuine rage. Launching a solid blast of energy at the throne, X attempted to slam his copy against the chair, and keep him there with the consistent current of power.

Do you really think that this will go ignored?” It echoed akin to a raging flood across the chambers.

For the first time in a long, long time, he felt his fury rise up. Yes, he was using more power than he wanted, but this was unforgivable.

“HAH. You’d be the one who’d answer the questions. I would merely…” Copy thought about it a moment. “How much responsibility should I take, this was the brats idea after all.” Ciel was a thorn in his side and forever would be. “Who lets a young girl access into valuable resources?” He jabbed.

Copy exhaled some air quickly in an unamused manner. Busy, X was busy. Well that just excuses everything.

He listened however to the explanation that was given about their kind. Well, not their kind. X was the original and could never be a reploid, he was different from them. It was another thing that bothered him.

The younger looked away. “Then I’ll make sure I won’t have any business to finish. Why would I want to stay here.” Without the perks being leader brought.

“..!” That was highly uncalled for! The copy managing to move out of the way of the blast, though it was clearly not aimed at him, but it was quite close. The leader shifted around to growl disapprovingly at the other. Caught off guard (after all who knew a little ball of energy could do anything?) Copy clenched his teeth, giving the other an equally fuming look.

He didn’t struggle to free himself however. Copy tilted his head to one side… Then smiled. The humour of this!

“I sit here in your former place, but it is mine now. And I’ll see fit to do… What I will not lose any guilt over, for I have nothing to be regretful of.” He stated boldly. There was a bit of unnerving folly in his expression now. He wouldn’t see reason. The younger was showing more of the child that he was. But it went beyond that. Children tended to have no barriers between morality and accountability if they were never taught properly in the first place. Copy was an uncontrollable slate. There was nothing physical that he valued enough to be accountable for.

No one he trusted. No one that could trust him.

Defiant as he was right now, that wasn’t to say that X in his current fit of righteous emotion wasn’t scary. Copy did have a sense to preserve his being if he needed to. If X wanted a fight he would give it to him. No Guardians, no soldiers. He wanted to prove he WAS better.

Briefly looking at the energy so furiously keeping him sat, Copy was at a loss on how to exactly defend himself. This form was too unusual. He looked back up at X’s gaze, though the glow of the energy made it a bit difficult to see.

Deciding, he leaned forward as best he could, twitching slightly as the energy around him was succeeding in keeping him mostly pinned. It also hurt a little to move.

“…This is YOUR fault as much as it is mine.”

To Change the Course (Pre MMZ)


If X was still in his own body, he would have rolled his eyes at the question. Yet, he remained calm and serene.

"Beyond the fact that I too would rather not see Neo Arcadia come to ruin?" The question was rhetorical, but held a valid point.

"The people of Neo Arcadia need a ruler that can see beyond the immediate, someone that they can trust, and someone that will not create usurpers by his own heavy handed actions. Kill a thousand rebels and a thousand more will rise up to take their place. Mindless brutality cannot win. I would think that knowing that such an opposition will one day, in the not so distant future rise against you would be plenty of warning needed.” X’s gaze pierced his replica, focusing directly on the others eyes without a single blink.

"It might be cruel of me to be so blunt, but we do not have the kindness of time on our side." X conceded as he resumed. "If you don’t want to be made a fool of, then you’ll need to drop the naive nature you carry now. There is always someone stronger.” He could demonstrate, but X needed to conserve his power, something that was already a challenge as it was.

Allowing the form to fade, and resuming his regular self to appear, X resumed only a moment later.

"The body may fade, but the soul lasts far longer. All Reploids have a soul Copy. And even this old Robot does. But, the how, unfortunately, I won’t answer, at least, not until I’m confident that you can handle the truth." The elf continued to float, dipping and raising every few moments or so.

He’d rather not have returned to this form, but it was a waste of energy to continue to appear as the holographic image, a fact he was well aware of.

X shook his tiny head, disappointed in Copy’s thought process regarding humans.

"How the guardians feel, I couldn’t tell you, my mind was on… More pressing matters at the time. But, humans, if given a proper opportunity, they’ll surprise you, time and again. It’s easy to see the darkness, it’s much harder to see the light." X replied simply.

Odds were, Copy would not understand that, at least, not yet.

Shaking his head faintly X, mentally sighed.

"To you, being considered as a child is far worse. Unfortunately, you’ve not given anyone reason to not treat you as such. Your naivety is your own undoing Copy X. Until you’re ready to come to terms with that, you’ll always be treated like this.” 

It was sad that he had to point out that weakness that his replica had. But, time was indeed against him.

For one of the first times in his lifetime the other had left him stunned. Each point was a direct fire to his body and left him only increasingly tired and angry. He didn’t want to hear this. He didn’t want anyone else to… to do whatever it was the other was doing. Copy never expressed too much a range of emotion. But this was stirring up uncharted territory.

Copy never truly understood guilt. Therefore, he couldn’t see what affect an action now would make far into the future. Yet X was saying it was important to plan farther.

But it was the others gaze that locked onto Copy’s own that held the other still and quiet, for now.

Shaking his head when the elf became the orb of which he’d occupied at the beginning, the younger felt he could concentrate.

“YOU, you seem to have all the TIME, you take responsibility.” He spoke boldly, frustrated.

Copy would never ask the other for advice directly. Deeply that was what he wanted to say. But he didn’t want to give the other the satisfaction. Surely in hindsight, the other was right; he couldn’t sustain the city at its current wastage of energy and radical energy saving methods. But he wouldn’t dare ask.

Copy raised a furious fist at the other, and then pointed at the orb.

“That’s a load of scrap. You trust me to rule a nation but you can’t tell me what happens after our bodies are destroyed.” Copy swiped un-enthused at the elf before turning his back to him. In that free floating form it was much easier to disassociate the great previous ruler from a mere regular elf.

“Humans are worthless and I wish…” He stopped himself if only to escape revealing more than he wanted to in a childish rant.

Treated like this. It left a vile notion in his memory banks.

Raising his hand again, Copy tapped the side of his helm. It was for show of habit, as he could make a call to another Guardian without. But it left him for something to do. “Sage, send my order to use up resource units #5116-5384, I’ve decided to use that reploid housing land discussed previous for a farming section instead, below is fertile soil. Recycle everything.” Resource units were of course, code for energy obtained from the dormant reploids housed below the city.

A quick, “… Roger.” was stated immediately from an outward speaker. Copy sighed ending the call.

“It’s all for them, isn’t it?” He scoffed.

To Change the Course (Pre MMZ)


X continued to stare down his copy calmly. His calm was a strange serenity only formed by being able to patiently wait through countless trials and eras alike.

"Do you truly think that ‘Power’ is so easy to grasp? It’s fickle, transient, just as a bit of water in the harshest of deserts. I was not defined by power, nor will I be in the future.” X replied simply.

It was sad, sad to think that his copy believed power to be a be all, end all.

"No, power does not last. It is only given from the will of the governed. When that will shifts, any power held fails. Right now, they follow you because you look like me. Not because of who you are.” However, X’s serene expression faded, and he shook his head, growing more serious.

"No, you misunderstand. This has nothing to do with me," He began grimly. "The threat against you is one that I’m not posing. It begins with that… Will I spoke of. If you desire to have Neo Arcadia strong, a utopia, you’ll need to change, and soon."

There was another, far stronger than his copy that would likely soon be awoken. Zero was never one to sit back and allow a tyrant to stand before the people.

However, at his copy’s defense of his red eyes, X shook his head, as if unable to believe the turn of the conversation. The only mention he had had of them was as pointing out a difference between the two of them physically. Was that really such a point of consternation for his replica? If so, he had a lot more work ahead of him than what he’d assumed.

Ignoring the comment, he passed over it as if it had been so absurd that he’d written it off completely, and in fact, he had.

It was only of little surprise when the copy of him struck at the holographic projection of him, and X only shook his head, more entertained by the gesture than annoyed.

"It’s apparent that we have a great deal of work ahead of us if you’re to survive the current rising against you.” In this conversation, X had come to two major realizations.

One, his copy didn’t really know what he was doing, but he was muddling through as well as he could, and two, that he might have the potential to be decent… If he was taken to task, and shown what it meant to truly rule.

"So, the question now is, are you willing to step out of my shadow and become a great ruler because of your own merits? Do you have the strength to gain what you currently lack?”

He hadn’t planned on this, but he… Realized that he… May have made an error not talking to his copy much earlier. Perhaps, much of the damage could have been prevented. No matter, what did, was that it was being taken to task now. Assuming of course, that his copy was half open to the concept.

Unfortunately, it was obvious that his copy was still a child mentally. Sad, but true. Hopefully, there was something inside of him that wanted to be more than what he was, to be able to stand on his own merits… He hoped so…

It was an odd sensation. Copy opened and closed his palm whilst phased into the others holographic chest. He eventually removed his hand, looked up briefly at X and then back to the others body as it was of more interest than what the other was spouting off about.

“What makes you think I can trust you?” Copy spoke simply, without hate but more annoyance. “You come into my palace and dare say I’m lacking….”

He couldn’t quite pull himself away from how the other looked to be floating rather than standing, never mind the glowing aura.

Copy wasn’t going to see reason, even if it was offering help directly to his face. For him, he’d done what he needed to given the circumstances.

“An uprising, well, if they can get to me, on that day I will meet that opposition and decide for myself what to do. I will not be made a fool of. They will regret my meeting. I don’t believe anyone in this era can go up against me.” After all the newest creations where better than the last generation, were they not? To his knowledge only he was a custom enough new model to exceed any that had been created before.

Copy couldn’t help but ask however, “How does one become a robot?… into this?” It didn’t make sense.

The younger shook his head, finally stepping back for some personal space.

“While I rule based under your name… Your Guardians seem happier than they have been before. The human race is left to their free will —-in controlled circumstances. After all, if you leave even one to their own devices they inflict harm on others. I believe this to be true. Only the ‘of use’ reploids will be attended to. That is my decision until another energy source can be constructed.” Copy was very stubborn with his answer. Nothing was going to sway him.

“…Maybe the thought of dying isn’t a strong enough threat to pit against me.” He muttered coldly.


Seen things.
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Seen things.

To Change the Course (Pre MMZ)


X ignored his copy’s minor temper tantrum as he would have been able to meet with the other without any problems, and his copy would likely realize it soon enough.

"So, you do realize who I am don’t you.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement of fact.

Unfortunately, it seemed that his copy was unlikely to listen, but nevertheless, he’d give him the benefit of the doubt and make an attempt anyway.

"A life, or the world. The choice was easy enough to make. To mindlessly sacrifice those that served me is one cost will never pay.”

X’s expression turned slightly sour at Copy X’s calloused nature towards life, and his frown of disapproval became palpable.

However, his expression hardened as he ranted, raved and suggested that he take command over Neo Arcadia.

"Unlike so many others, free will is something I still hold precious, and I would not rip that from even my most hated enemy. Cyber Elves have a number of powers that would make your head spin if you realized the fullness of them. Regardless, there are several forces that might bring Neo Arcadia to ruin. Or at the very least end your reign. The icon of ‘hero’ only lasts so long.”

X waved off the final statement of his copy though, as if he was speaking to a small child.

"If having their leader missing threw Neo Arcadia into near despair, how much worse would it have been if I had faked my death? No, better to give them hope that I would one day return than to bring that level of despair. But, you’re wrong about one thing. You’re not my ‘second chance’. You never were. Yes, you were made to be a decent copy of me, save for your red eyes of course." X tilted his head, as if observing Copy X intently.

"No, you’re not my second chance. Fate may not have been kind to you either, thrusting you into this position so soon, but if I felt that you had no hope I wouldn’t have bothered contacting you and instead would have focused my efforts in… Another direction. After all, the only good tyrant is a fallen one. You may be my copy." X conceded, still observing the other intently.

"But, that doesn’t mean you’re me. It’s fine for you to rule in a different fashion than I would, however, the way you’re going about it currently will lead to an uprising, and when that happens it won’t be my head they’ll be after. But… Yours. And since we’re being brutally honest, I doubt you’d be able to survive. You don’t have a century worth of fighting experience under your belt. You haven’t trained endlessly to make up for that either. If you want to live then I’d highly suggest you listen closely. I’ve seen tyrants come and go time and again. They never survive as long as they could.”

Staring down the other, his hologram distorted and flickered a few times.

“Who you are doesn’t matter anymore does it? Or more specifically who you were before the ‘you’ that is now in power, is most important. That is, me!” The Copy had a most childish amusing laugh for a few seconds before speaking again.

“Megaman X of old, you speak as if I should be afraid that you matter now.” Copy composed himself, now shifting in a bored manner in his seat.

“You have it backwards; a life can be worth more than millions for a greater cause. They fight, for me, because it is their will. To follow the ideals that comes with having your face. How should I choose to stop them if they wish to fight?”

He blinked at the other in a neutral tone as it was the others turn to listen to what he had to say. It seemed the original was about to take a rant of his own.

“—-Red eyes are a blessing, rather than your soft, weak, leaderless colour.” Copy interjected very annoyed whilst in the middle of the others rant before continuing to listen surprisingly quietly. While he was known to tantrum, having little discipline in his life to be told to keep calm, the elder elf gave off an eerie aura of energy. Right now instinct was telling him just to wait and listen.

Was the other calling him lazy? How dare him! Copy’s eyes narrowed. While he comprehended X’s warnings he didn’t really process what they truly meant. After all, he had nothing to really compare to. Copy had never suffered outside Neo Arcadia and thus couldn’t understand the depth of trouble the younger truly was in, due to his own actions.

Now he was being stared down like a child and it pierced his ego severely. He didn’t like it. Copy was visibly uncomfortable. There began a silence between them both as it was Copy’s turn to speak, but wouldn’t. It wasn’t because he understood X’s final words but because he was battling with the authority that X still surprisingly commanded in this moment.

This time Copy too stood, walking forward to the hologram that X had become. In frustration he attempted to swipe his hand through, where X’s heart would have been if he was human.