Fate is cruel

Former ruler of Neo Arcadia. But that does not make me any less weak or dangerous. I did what I had to do, and that was that.

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Attack on W



Harpuia had searched for quite some time for Aeolus. He had gone to the residence the man had been assigned to first, only to find it empty. Next, he followed the signal akin to his, which felt a bit weaker now. It was how he found himself near the city’s core.

With Aeolus staring at him like a doe in headlights, apparently heading back to his quarters now. What had he been up to? How had he even ended up here without clearance?

Deciding to let it slide for now, as the human was plenty knowledgable and he probably didn’t do anything bad, the reploid motioned for the human to follow. It was nearing noon now, he was probably ‘late’ compared to Fefnir. IF his sibling had fared better than him. Mica popped out his vest, flying over to his human charge (who seemed to be holding another cyberelf, oddly enough).

Perhaps that’s where she had come from.

Paying it no mind, he led on silently, stopping once to confirm the human was following before continuing on.

Aeolus froze as he headed back to their ‘base of operations’, only to find Harpuia looming over him. Well, perhaps looming was an exaggerated term, but he felt intimidated none the less.

Mica, at least, seemed to be alright, but the moment she neared him was the moment she got a disapproving look.

"We’ll talk about your disobedience later, young lady." He muttered in an authoritative tone but neutral, angry at her, but at the same time, not wanting to cause a scene. Not to mention he was sure he could say things he would regret now. For now, he directed the cyberelf to sit on his shoulder as he followed Harpuia, wondering what the heck the reploid wanted him for.

It had to be important.

For now, asking questions would only delay him, so he trusted he’d be told what was going on once they arrived to their… mystery destination. 

At least his little ‘group’ was no longer separated. If only he could say the same about Siarnaq and Thetis…

Harpuia’s expression at their… Breaking of rules was most amusing. Copy neither hid the smile from his cyberelf face. Copy X looked smug, lazily resting atop the human boy’s head, like a fly that had decided the warm spot on top of the other’s head was the best place to be.

With no surprise their little charge had returned, unharmed. As Aeolus had indeed predicted. He would hear about what they had been up too as soon as their lives resembled what he had now come to consider normal. That started of course, by returning to Aeolus’ estate.

A sigh.

Back to work as usual. Copy had enjoyed his time in Neo Arcadia. Now there was just the matter of whatever scheme the Guardians and these other young folk had come up with for a return plan. Copy cared only as much as things went to plan. Whatever the plan may be.

But first.

The little elf neared the green sage. He looked rather worn, as if he took other priorities over taking better maintenance of himself. It was to be expected he supposed. Drawing closer, hovering near Harpuia’s face, he hovered, bobbing up and down slightly, as if to motion the taller to pay attention to him more!

"…" Copy’s face then softened. In the presence of company there was nothing to say. The former leader had taken some sort of imposed ‘vow of silence’. Still, he gave the Sage’s left cheek a pat with his tiny elf hand, as if to say ‘good job’.

Maybe it was even a silent thank you.

Even after death, Harpuia was as enthusiastic to devote his time to serve a new master, old master…

That had to be given credit to.

Copy soon returned to Aeolus, carrying on his task of ignoring the rest of the goings on around him. He’d answer to no one.

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It’s not that bad…


Yes, I refuse to age. Why would I want to be an adult? I look around and all I see are responsibilities, worries, and anguish. I don’t have a family or citizenship, so I have no one to make me go, and no way for Legion to make me go. Only Atlas could make me, and I doubt she’d disrespect my wishes like that.


Wait, two centuries? There’s no way an old-age reploid could survive that long! Lying is bad, you know!

I was merely calculating my age from when I was created to the time it is now. There has been a few times I was not online for a long period.

I would rather not discuss it.

If I calculate the time I have been online. Well. Three… F-Four? Years.

Do not treat me like a child with that knowledge. I warn you.



From what I know, those times of maintenance use few parts, and most of them are recycled. Some of them are from deceased reploids, too, like Humans with Organ Donors.

As to your second question, no, my internal timer, before it was stopped, said I was thirteen. I’m fourteen, now, so I shouldn’t look much different, all told. And what about you? How old are you?

Your explanation is more unsettling than first expected. Let us not… dwell on that topic anymore.

Vile method.

By stopped, do you mean, you refuse to age? As for your observation. I am well over two… centuries. Fate has… A funny way to play with life.



Whatever, weirdo. What ruin did this guy crawl out of?


Most Reploids go in for maintenance to be done. It’s a long process, but it’s one that is paid for by the Government. On the other side, wealthy Reploids can spend some serious EC to get upgraded to age and grow naturally, though it’s not a very smart idea unless you don’t do much; the stuff is fragile. I personally have to go in, it’s my personal choice not to, though.

Excuse you little marine life-form.

That sounds terribly wasteful in resources! I am most certainly appalled. Even more so wasteful as I hear that your models consume organic matter as a source of strength as well.

If you do require maintenance, then do tell how aged you are supposed to look? … Is the child-act as such a charade?



copy-x sent: You wish to not be so vertically challenged.


False, whoever you are. I quite like my height!

Now onto the subject of who you are… one of the traveling clowns I’ve met?

You are certainly as loud as my former ‘Daughter’. The Fish.

I am the one your history books may mention as the main subject. I reside here and there and in good humour feast on your currency. Such strange customs there are now.

Tell me, do you age naturally or do you go through a form of maintenance after a certain period of years. Unfortunately you seem to be the only talk-able non-human that Aeolus cares to call a ‘friend’.