Fate is cruel

Former ruler of Neo Arcadia. But that does not make me any less weak or dangerous. I did what I had to do, and that was that.

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After 10 years living in the Aeolus mansion, Copy completes his project to give Harpuia a body (Biometal connects in there). Gravity is not kind after hundreds of years.
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After 10 years living in the Aeolus mansion, Copy completes his project to give Harpuia a body (Biometal connects in there). Gravity is not kind after hundreds of years.

To Change the Course (Pre MMZ)


X just shook his head once more as he crossed his arms. Listening to this… Child made him realize just how immature this copy really was. Why had they been so determined to place him on the throne so quickly? Sure, he understood that the lack of well, himself was a problem, but it wasn’t as if the people couldn’t fend for themselves for a time. They had done so before after all.

"Hanging up wouldn’t help. The fact I called instead of… Dropped in in person was more of just a courtesy than anything." It wasn’t as if his copy would have been able to stop his appearance anyway.

Still, he was surprised that his copy hadn’t caught on. It wasn’t like he’d been disguising his voice or anything. Yet, between having to listen to the potential temper tantrum (that seemed eminent) he decided to answer nevertheless.

The blue aura faded to a point where his form was finally visible. However, he hadn’t made a simulation of his original form, instead resorting to revealing himself as a Cyber Elf. 

"I am Mega Man X.” His tone carried great confidence, knowledge in just who exactly he truly was, and what his discussion partner was.

Hm, from a certain point of view, he could understand the anger that his copy felt. Yet, like so many others, he too did not understand.

"Leaving wasn’t something I did lightly, and I knew that there would be a hefty cost for both myself, and Neo Arcadia in doing so. Yet, it was a necessary move. But, you’re wrong about one more thing. It wasn’t simply humans that I cared for. ‘Robots and Humans living in peace. That was my ultimate wish’. It’s a goal I shared with the good doctor."

His small arms still crossed, X’s gaze remained firmly set on his copy.

"You may have been designed to act in my stead. It’s also true that you do have the right to do things differently than I would do. However, even so, the path you’ve taken is one that’s unacceptable. At best, you’ll learn from it, and change your ways. At worst, a force that not even Neo Arcadia’s great armies can stop will rise up and end the senseless bloodshed you’ve wrought.”

X paused for a moment before cutting the connection.

Now that the cat was out of the bag, there was no point in continuing this with a simple call. A few seconds passed before a small ball of light descended into the throne room from the ceiling above.

Then, his hologram formed, flickering slightly as he did so.

"You want to know why I’m here? To awaken you a second chance… Before it’s too late."

“Hah.” The reploid interrupted the other briefly. “Not that you could have an audience with me, today is specifically my day off. No one in their right mind would dare disturb me unless I allow it.” Honestly, the other should be grateful he even answered the call.

Copy squinted his optics as the light became rather bright one moment, then dulled. That was? His face. No. That was never his face, it was the originals. His thoughts were confirmed as the other announced himself. That only made him angry.

“You!” The other seethed.  “Your name means nothing.” He hissed at the monitor.

“Nothing you say can convince me that it was the right move.” This was now his burden when it never should have been. Copy wouldn’t forgive it.

“Humans are selfish illogical creatures, they will not live in harmony with robots or reploid’s because we are superior to them, yet my post forces me to put them above, as… they are our creators. It is not out of respect I keep them alive but with need.” He needed them to make schematics, to build for Neo Arcadia and to secure the wellbeing of repliod’s. Copy merely had to keep them alive, which was work in itself.

“The only thing I have to thank from you, is my use of your face. Humans care for it like a child to a treat. Disgusting.” The others frowned expression never faltered.

“You know instead of spouting nonsense shouldn’t you just take the throne from me, that would be easier. Oh, but you can’t can you. Peaceful Megaman X, reduced to a mere cyber elf. Other force? Oh forgive me, I have more faith in your army then you do yourself.” Copy laughed.

Cyberelves were a mysterious bunch; it was only Ciel his creator which took any care in finding out how they functioned. It was something unreal, unexpected and mildly fascinating in the way X suddenly appeared.

But he was stunned at the hologram.

“…Your stupid face.” Copy growled.

He’d never thought the other was still alive, let alone… existing like this? This was worrisome.

“I recall I am your second chance, rather you are righting me because you have failed in your original post.” If he could spit it back at him, he would have. Humans had interesting ways to show anger. “I don’t see why you couldn’t just fake a death.” It would have been so much simpler.

In Which One Cannot Simply Visit the Aeolus Mansion in Peace
Copy X 「Hey female, why are you angry, growl again. Like a dog. Heh, heh. 」
Atlas 「I. Am. Not. Fefina! How hard is that to accept?! Pffft. You can’t just order a kid. It’s not that simple. 」

In Which One Cannot Simply Visit the Aeolus Mansion in Peace


Copy X 「Hey female, why are you angry, growl again. Like a dog. Heh, heh. 」

Atlas 「I. Am. Not. Fefina! How hard is that to accept?! Pffft. You can’t just order a kid. It’s not that simple. 」

To Change the Course (Pre MMZ)


"I’m sure." X replied dryly, his tone indicating that he didn’t believe his statement.

Surely, his copy was starting to put a few pieces of the puzzle together. Why else would he be able to act with such disregard in the heart of Neo Arcadia itself if it was any other situation?

"Morale faltering is something that a great leader knows how to stem the tide to. He, or she, regardless of gender, knows what it means to lead, and how to instill hope in all citizens, and to do so, a leader must be able to respect life.” So far, this was Copy X’s greatest failing.

His respect for life was… Lackluster at best, and that concern was one that he wanted to bring into the focal point of his copy. However, with the argument that Reploids should yield to the needs of humans first, X couldn’t help but give an audible sigh.

"Do you know why the maverick rebellions started? History only focuses on the Maverick Virus, but there were rebellions even before the Sigma Virus came into existence. It was because Humans refused to recognize Reploids as equals that deserved fair treatment, and in exchange, Reploid superiority movements began…. And I should warn you… History has a tendency to repeat itself, just with different players every so often."

Now he demanded an answer to who he was? The cyber elf couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

"You’re in no condition to demand anything from me, let alone anyone else. Besides, I’m sure if you put your mind to it, you might be able to figure out who I am anyway.”

Of course, imagining that he of all people would contact his stand-in was a bit of a stretch. But, even so, how many people knew that Copy X was in fact a copy?

Copy huffed. He didn’t need to play in the act of the original X and let himself be, well, himself. He let a short silence come between them, the smaller glaring at the screen as if that made the situation any better.

"…Basic decency demands you, as the caller who bothered me, to give me your identity. I can very easily disconnect this call, but I gave you the pleasure of not doing so." How rude the other was, making him guess.

Copy’s knowledge in who others were was very limited. If one looked at the time he had been online in this world, well, it barely passed a few years that ‘X’ had returned.

"One cannot give hope to all, be realistic, there are always those who cannot believe." Copy didn’t want to talk about the topic of life itself. Life was a liar that gave him such a bad hand that he was forced into a position where guessing was his only option. It was a mystery he’d come this far without being found out. Hah, it seemed that he had, but this reploid before him seemed to not have acted upon it. That didn’t make sense. Surely if someone new he was a copy, the rumour would spread in a matter of seconds.

"But now the humans, who refused reploids cry for us to help them, cry for… X. A robot that shorted his responsibility and left without properly caring for the humans he so loves, leaving another human to do a backup plan. For that I am angry." The copy started scratching the ledge of the throne with his hands that had become rather sharp, claw-like. His irritation was unable to be masked, the copy wasn’t perfect when it came to controlling his emotions.

"Maverick or not, my duty is to protect human kind from themselves and from those opposed to me, meeting my goal. X’s legacy is apparently enough to let me be, without proper training to be… whatever scrap rules there are to being a true leader. I give commands and the majority benefits. Seeing as the only majority that matters is humankind and those under my command.

Copy pointed at the screen abruptly after with a commanding presence. “Tell me what you want, before I disconnect. My patience has thinned!”

Escaping a Phantom


Phantom took the change in topic in stride, and listened as his master asked him some strange questions. Did it feel good to leave the castle? Did X need to be guarded so closely? Well… there were answers for that.

He bowed to his master again and said, “thank you.” It was always nice to be appreciate.

"In regards to your questions…" the ninja had to think for a moment, but it did not take him long to speak again, "I very rarely leave Neo Arcadia, Master. I am always within its walls due to the nature of my position. Therefore, my experience is limited in as much. I have only ever left on work related nature that required my personal attention."

Which, of course, was rather rare.

"I was created to be your shadow, Master," the black reploid responded to the second question, "it is my duty to always be by your side.

"However," he felt the need to point this out, "if you require time to yourself, then arranging that is important. As you are our leader, leaving unannounced and disappearing again would only cause a panic within the government. That is why it is important to know where you are, and the reason you are guarded."

He hoped that answer was satisfactory. Despite being rather private himself, someone always knew where he was even when he needed time alone to himself. And it was important that someone did, in case of an emergency.

Copy carefully sat at the edge of the roof. He gave himself enough room to extend his legs on the roof so his legs weren’t dangling over the edge. Phantom would probably have a say about that.

"Make this clear then, you’ll allow me freedom from being watched if you know what locations inside the castle I’ll be in, you give your word? What if I wanted to travel outside go watch the civilians, maybe in disguise. Would you permit me then..?" He wondered what the other would say.

"Your devotion to me is… admirable." Phantom was utterly devoted to X, the original and to him, the copy.

"Would you still follow if something happened to me? In a sense that my actions made you uneasy, what say you then?" Copy asked, looking out at the darkening sky, then at what was below them. "Would you overwrite your purpose programming and serve a new master? Afterall, as leader it is not uncommon that I should perish someday first, if a confllict so great arose. I’m curious." Copy seemed to have no worry over himself that he would someday perish. Well, while alive the smaller cared more for the ‘what ifs’ of his musings.

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