Fate is cruel

Former ruler of Neo Arcadia. But that does not make me any less weak or dangerous. I did what I had to do, and that was that.

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copy-x sent: "Tell me a story." ...


HE of all people wanted a story? He wanted a story huh? Well, he’d give him one.

"Once upon a time there was an evil fake that tried to turn reploids into nothing more than second class citizens. Later, a legendary hero from the past came back and stopped the evil copy. Angered that he lost, he tried to kill the hero by blowing up part of the city that his original once loved. The end."

There was little love lost between original and copy it seemed.

And there was little to save the mind of the original as it’s story ability is broken. Deserter.

Escaping a Phantom


The Guardian nodded once again to his master’s idea. It was certainly another idea that could be used for the more civilian area instead of the temples…

Phantom paid attention as the smaller reploid gestured for him to come down, and so, he jumped down swiftly from his perch and landed beside the leader of Neo Arcadia. 

The fact that he had mapped it out was certainly interesting. There was, of course, blueprints of the temples available, but he didn’t question further. Instead, he realised that his master was waiting for him to do his report, and thus, he delivered his original intention of finding the elusive reploid;

"I looked into the issues surrounding the fires and the explosions," he began, "There was no evidence of foul play, master. It seems as though some of the pipes had rusted, and the fires caused by a build up of gas. Both issues have been looked into and an investigation has been done into the safety of other areas that may have been neglected by time."

He felt better now that he had completed his ‘mission’ of delivering his report. With his master found, now he could keep an eye on him, as was his job.

"That concludes my report, master X," he said with a bow.

"Did it not feel… Good to leave the castle?" Copy watched the bow with curiosity. Did Phantom like to sight see? Or was he as work oriented as the Sage? "Must I be guarded so closely?" It was not the first time he’d asked this question to the other.

"You are quite perfect in what you do." Copy admitted. Didn’t the original X get bothered by always being watched as well? "I’m sure a few breaks could be in order, however." It was a rare time when Copy allowed questions rather than ordering the other outright to leave him alone. Phantom deserved more respect than that.

Copy turned away, facing back to the view of the city, the sun almost down with only a sliver of bright light on the horizon. He moved dangerously close to the edge of the roof they were on.

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Escaping a Phantom


While harsh, Phantom took the comment in stride and merely bowed his head. While it was true the ventilation shafts could be used as a security breech, they were necessary for, well, ventilation. Though, Phantom supposed that turrets could be set up in the ventilation if his Master wanted as much.

"Very well then," he replied and also stood tall, "I’ll see to it that all said security breeches are fixed," he replied dutifully. 

It still didn’t explain why his master was in the shafts himself, however, but he was not going to press his luck asking.

Instead, he merely sent out orders to his division via the bulletin board. Once done, he then shook his head.

"It is not silly to care about security," he replied softly.

Quick and efficient the other was.

Still, the smaller had to cover his own tracks.

"I suppose the only way to deal with it… Without damage to the vents is posting a few mobile camera’s." Copy suggested. "To be honest I was concerned over them and found to my surprise that I fit through most of them. I guess you can say by curiosity I’ve been… carried away mapping them. You’ll find coloured paths marked there." Copy waved Phantom to come down from his perch with a slight motion. It irritated him how tall everyone else was at the best of times, but Phantom was one of the few of rank that was comparable to his height. If only he didn’t perch like bird all the time in high places.

Copy watched as the others scarf moved as if it had a mind of its own. He could have sworn the breeze passed minutes ago.

"…" Copy waited for Phantom to carry out his original reason for seeking him.

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Escaping a Phantom


Phantom didn’t even blink as his master reacted to his presence. His red cape fluttered a little in the breeze, and he watched as his master’s crystal glowed.

He nodded once to the question, and then finally blinked at the second. Satisfied with his performance? That was an odd question.

"I achieved my goal, so yes," he replied, though there was a slight bite to his voice again.

"With all due respect, Master X, if you need time to leave and be on your own, why do you not stay in the tower and ask for no disturbances?" that is, after all, what he used to do, "unless… there is something in here that requires your personal attention?"

He tapped the top of the vent.

He would have laughed at that ignorant response. Well, maybe Megaman X would have in humour. But it wasn’t quite funny. Stay in the tower? That was the problem he wanted to be outside the tower… with no supervision.

"Indeed, why don’t I?" Copy started with a relaxed tone, brushing off his top then finally standing. He dropped the vent door, cupping his hands behind his back, then casually turned his body to the Guardian. He looked distastefully at the open vent.

"Here’s the real answer to your poor response." Copy paused looking at the Phantom directly now with quite the stare. "No, I am not satisfied Master X, I had not known the vents were a security breach, that for sometime now anyone could used to traverse the castle, especially your own quarters, Master X."

Copy X then moved his eyes off the other, speaking more kindly. “Silly, isn’t it, yes?” Just as he was directing blame, he wasn’t at the same time.

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Escaping a Phantom


The ninja, unfortunately for his ‘father’, had already beaten the leader of Neo Arcadia at his own ‘game’, so to speak. The Guardian was standing behind Copy X, but on a high pillar away from where his master was.

He couldn’t help but wonder still if his master had often done this before, or if this was an entirely new habit.

As such, he silently made his way down closer to the other reploid before he landed on top of the recently vacated vent. He remained silent as he crouched there, merely watching for a while.

Until he decided to unmask his energy signature, that is.

"Hmm." A breeze went by and Copy’s face looked as peaceful as ever in his fantasy world where only he and the lights below existed.

That was until he felt it. And it felt like a million piles of scrap heap had landed on his being. Wait. That would be better than this. At least he’d still be alone with the scrap heap on top and…

"Ph… F—ound me, did you?" Had it been anyone else, he’d be ready with his weapons out. However, Phantom posed no harm.

Copy’s red helm crystals gave a soft quick glow, evidence of the smaller one being alarmed initially by his guest, even without turning his face to the other.

Like a child, Copy looked at the vent door in his hands, picking at the metal, pondering what to do.

"How satisfied are you with your performance?" He demanded suddenly, with all the air of seriousness that a leader could muster.

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